Klumpy Technology

Although their society is rural and nature-based, The Klumpies do possess technology of a kind: it is roughly at the level that might have been seen in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Thus they have the use of a wide variety of devices and vehicles that would have been in use then: carts, wagons, waterwheels, winches, pulleys, bridges and so on. Klumpy technology is based on the use of wood, vines, natural fibres and some simple metals like iron and bronze. There is no electricity or other power source.

What power there is comes from natural sources, for example wind and water. The Klumpies are particularly pioneering in their use of wind power, putting to good use the breezes which whistle through the branches of the Pipple Tree. They also use their own muscles to power machines.

The Klumpy-Bumpy

The Klumpy-Bumpy: a kind of helter-skelter which winds round the trunk of the Pipple Tree, all the way from the Royal Palace at the top down to ground level. It is no ordinary helter- skelter, however, as it features little open-top carriages hooked up to a special rail.

The Pipple-Up

The Pipple-Up is a lift similar to those used for transporting food between floors in restaurants. It is powered by hand, via a system of pulleys, winches and counterweights. Although it can be used for either up or down movement, it is mainly used to go up, as downwards movement can be achieved much more easily and swiftly by.