The Pipple Tree

All Klumpies live in the branches of the Pipple Tree, a huge and ancient tree that produces the Pipples that form the basis of Klumpy life. The PippleTree is the only one of its kind in the forest, and towers over all the other trees. Thus, the Royal Palace that tops the tree affords spectacular views across the forest and beyond.

The fruits of the Pipple Tree, the pipples, provide the Klumpies’ staple diet, and pipple pips, leaves, branches etc. are used as the raw materials for all sorts of artefacts. In fact, the whole Klumpy economy is pipple-based, and many Klumpies, particularly occasional characters, are employed as pickers, peelers and so on.

To move horizontally, Klumpies use a system of walkways - rope bridges suspended from branches by strong vines. Scattered through the tree there are various elevators installed: Pipple-Ups. But the main transportation system is the Klumpy-Bumpy rail network. There is access to the Klumpy-Bumpy at various points all up and down the trunk of the Pipple Tree...


Within the branches and leaves of the Pipple tree are the homes of our principal characters, most particularly the family houses of the Blinks and the Blunks.

Each house rests on a ‘terrace’ area – which is in fact a large mushroom attached to the tree. Most houses are situated only a short distance from the main trunk, allowing characters easy access to transport up and down the tree via the Klumpy-Bumpy slide and the Pipple-Up lift.

Within both the Blinks’ and the Blunks’ establishments there is a communal (sitting) room, and a bedroom for each of the principal characters: ie for Bertie and Sunny at the Blinks, and for Chip at the Blunks.

The Royal Palace

Nestled within the topmost branches of the Pipple Tree is the Royal Palace, a large, ornate many-roomed dwelling, which nevertheless follows the general style of the other Klumpy houses.

Unlike most of the houses in the Pipple Tree, the Royal Palace is visible in wide shots of the tree, its turrets and rooftops poking up through the uppermost branches. Similarly, the windows in its upper parts offer views over the whole forest.

Although, viewed from the outside, the building is obviously spacious, we generally only see two settings within the Palace: Ella’s bedroom and the Throne Room. Other bedrooms, guard rooms, butler’s room, corridors and so on may be added as storylines dictate.

The Pipple Piazza

This is a public square, where Klumpies go to celebrate the many Pipple-related festivals. It occupies a place where many branches of the Pipple tree meet, creating room for a number of Klumpies to gather.

Other events which happen at the Pipple Piazza include proclamations by King Klump, balls, dances, concerts, weddings, sports contests, in fact almost any event at which Klumpies need to gather together.

Note that the entire population of Klumpies is no more than that of a small village. Very sociable and gregarious, Klumpies love getting together at these public events, and use the occasion to catch up on friends’ and neighbours’ gossip and news.

Seaforth's House

Seeforth has a small house in the upper branches, with a lab and a telescope for star-gazing.


Miss Plank, whose open-air school features pupils’ benches fashioned out of tree branches.