Bertie Blink

Our leader! Nothing happens without Bertie: as Chip always says, “Bertie always knows exactly what to do!” Bertie is the brain behind the gang of four, though he is modest with it. Unlike his clever sister Sunny who gets lost in the drama of doing, Bertie thinks things through and sees them to their conclusion. Having said that, he’s still a child with a tendency towards shyness, which makes him a little inarticulate at times. If Ella’s being imperious or Sunny’s being bossy, Bertie will simply drift off into his own world: read a book, play a game or go for a walk.

Sunny Blink

Where Bertie is modest, intelligent and introspective, Sunny is gobby and brashly clever. Nobody in Klumpy Forest would deny her intelligence, but it’s the way she tackles problems – head on! Sunny’s ego is large and feeds on power and control, but like all headstrong little girls she can suddenly cave in - and then we see her vulnerable side. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does she needs Bertie like a flower needs rain.

Chip Blunk

Little Chip is the ‘baby’ of the group, the cute “Awww” factor. He’s a chatterbox when he should be quiet, a giggler at the most inappropriate times, a fiddler when he should leave things alone, especially when he’s been told DON’T TOUCH!
Chip’s emotionally still a baby, which leads to him often getting confused - and he does have a tendency to panic. He falls off branches when he’s surprised or shocked by something, he regularly loses his footing and rolls down hills but generally he’s indestructible - in the way that tough little kids can be. For all his clumsy ways, Chip has a will of iron, and nothing will keep him from his friends.

Ella klump

Ella adopts a snooty air because of her royal title: she thinks she’s doing her friends a favour by simply associating with them. They’re Klumpies from the bottom of the tree whereas she is from the top of the tree, the beloved, spoilt daughter of King Klump and Queen Klumpetta. The real truth is Ella would be lost without her best friends - life in the royal treetop would be so boring without Sunny, Bertie and Chip. Yes, she could dust her jeweled tiara and swan around in fine robes, sit on the throne and look out over Klumpy Forest but how boring is that?


Mulk was once a trusted adviser to the Klumpy Royal family... but greed led to his downfall. Cursed with a sweet tooth from birth, Mulk always had a liking for cakes, sweets and sugary desserts, and was forever lurking around the Royal kitchen in the hope of purloining some new delicacy thought up by the Royal Cook. What’s more, he didn’t care what kind of mess he made when he was in the grip of a sugar rush – wrappings and crumbs cascaded from him like a hailstorm!

Having ruined the biggest day in the Klumpy calendar, he was banished by King Klump and Queen Klumpetta, and forced to make his home in a cave by the river.

King Klump

King Klump would do anything for anybody – much to his wife’s intense irritation! He loves all Klumpies, but he particularly loves Ella’s friends and is often swept away by Sunny’s grand plans and staged events. King Klump loves drama and pageant, but most of all he loves to play his fiddle - which drives his good wife demented. King Klump is kind but forgetful, always losing things - particularly the important ones.

Queen Klumpetta

Queen Klumpetta married the king for the prestige of a royal status: ‘The Queen’ is a title she adores. She is the only royal that behaves like a royal – she loves banquets and balls, where she hopes she’ll be the glittering star. But sadly Klumpetta never achieves this desired state. Her husband always forgets to send out the invitations or fails to turn up for the event, her daughter (who she has great hopes for) invites her frightful friends (“Really, Chip Blunk is hardly out of nappies!”) and the food, cooked by ”That bossy Sunny Blink!” is traditional pipple fare with no foie gras or mange tout!

Royal Guard

Captain Bang represents authority and order – somebody has to with a chaotic King like Klump around! Captain Bang is often used as a “bogie man”. “If you’re naughty I‘ll take you to Captain Bang,” parents might say to their wayward children. Captain Bang doesn’t stand for any nonsense, but he’s soft under his tough exterior.


Seeforth lives at the top of the tree and is the source of all Klumpy mythology and sorcery. He can find water, quench flame and foretell the future, well... sometimes that is.

The Dumpies

Physically similar to The Klumpies except for their tendency to be scruffier and clumsier, the Dumpies were determined to make Mulk one of their own. In the end, Mulk simply gave up, and became to all intents and purposes, the Dumpy leader.

Mulk and The Dumpies are a continual thorn in the side for the Klumpy Kids. They’re far from evil or vicious, and sometimes you can even point out the error of their ways – but usually it’s not long before they're happily chattering nonsense again, having completely forgotten what they’ve learnt. There’s only thing for certain – and that’s that The Dumpies really know how to make a mess!